Custom vinyl pool liners increase the safety of your swimming pool and reduce the need for maintenance when not in use. Whether your pool is inground or a spa, we can custom-manufacture your specific liners. Our goal is to simply get the best possible fit on vinyl liners over stairs. Working directly with the pool liner manufacturer, we have developed our own unique way of fitting vinyl liners over stairs. Having the liner made to our specifications, we are able to weld the liner on-site for the best possible fit.


Canadian PoolScapes offers you three types of liner installation: 28 mil Vinyl Liner, Hybrid Liner 28 welded with Reinforcement Membrane 70 mil, and Textured and luxurious Reinforcement Membrane 70 mil.


Canadian PoolScapes has developed an exclusive process of installing the liner and welding it on-site, making virtually any pool design possible for a great fitting liner.


Using the benefit of both 28mil and 60 mil liners. Adding a 70 mil reinforced liner to pool stairs, sun ledges and spas gives your pool liner extra protection where needed most.


It has a textured attractive appearance, reasonable price, fast and easy installation, and absolute water tightness. Guaranteed for 10 years from manufacture has made it the most widely used pool waterproofing system in the world.

Expert Pool Liner Installers That Give A Flawless Fit!

Associating with professional pool liner installers helps improve the maintenance and safety of your swimming pool. At Canadian PoolScapes, we understand this very well. And that’s why we specialize in offering custom vinyl pool liners, which are tailored to your requirements. Whether you have a spa or an inground pool, our installers are seasoned to ensure neat installation that’ll surpass your expectations.


Why should you choose us when you want a pool liner installer?


  • Professional And Experienced:

Whenever you Google “pool liner installer near me,” you’ll get many pool liner installers. But you have to ensure your next pool liner installation company must have deep expertise in the industry. We have the expertise-backed experience to deliver excellent results with exceptional attention to detail and precision.


  • Customization Options: 

Every pool is unique, and we know that. Because of this reason, we offer tailored liners to make sure they perfectly fit with your pool design. We work in close coordination with reliable manufacturers so that we customize liners to meet all your requirements. Do you need custom vinyl liner pool installation? If so, we have you covered.


  • On-Site Welding:

We have specialized fitting techniques which enable us to wield the liner on your site. That way, we provide a secure and seamless installation. That’s how we also make sure you get a long-lasting and tight fit that improves the functionality and aesthetics of your pool.


Types of Liner Installations


  • 28-Mil Vinyl Liners: 

Are you planning to get a vinyl pool installation? If so, you need to trust our exclusive installation and wielding process that we follow to offer the 28-mil vinyl liner. Our meticulous approach ensures that you get a perfect fit that improves the durability and aesthetics of a pool.

  • Hybrid Liner 28 Mil and 70 Mil: 

We provide hybrid liners to augment the protection in a pool’s high-impact areas, such as spas, sun ledgers, and pool stairs. Our team combines the benefits of a 70-mil reinforced membrane and a 20-mil liner to ensure your pool gets incredible longevity and exceptional durability.

  • Reinforcement PVC Membrane 70 Mil: 

Get our reinforced membrane to lend the pool high-quality water tightness, easy installation, and an alluring textured appearance. This waterproofing system is widely used and competitively priced. Moreover, this system comes with a massive 10-year guarantee from manufacturers. That’s how it gives you long-lasting performance and peace of mind as well.

Do you want inground pool liner installation or vinyl pool installation? If so, get started by booking a free consultation from us!